Can I enter more than one bracket?

No. You are only allowed to enter 1 of the 2 bracket types, so choose wisely as you make your decision between the “Open” and “Challenger” bracket!

What is the difference between the “Open” and “Challenger” bracket?

The “Open” bracket is open to any and all glovers. Whether you’re a well-established pro, or just someone who wants to compete with the best of them, this is the bracket that will test your skill across the most elite glovers around the world.

The “Challenger” bracket restricts any glovers that have / had some form of sponsorship* at any point in their gloving career. If you’re an up-and-coming glover who isn’t quite ready for the “Open” brackets, this one is for you!

*(Restricted sponsorships: EmazingLights, LEDGloves, FuturisticLights, KandeKreations, VisualKingdom, OrbitLightShow, OMGLights, LiquidEmotions, QTLights, NiteLifeDesigns, GloFX, LEDKid, ZombieLights, BulldogLights, ThrowLights, RaveReady, MysteryLights & SweetELights).

What are the prizes for each bracket?

The “Open” bracket is as follows: 1st Place: $1,500, 2nd Place: $500, 3rd/4th Place: $250.

The “Challenger” brackets are as follows: 1st Place: $500, 2nd Place: $350, 3rd/4th Place: $75.

How are the finalists per bracket chosen?

Our internal team reviews all videos for the following factors, which include but are not limited to: the IGC (International Gloving Championship) scorecard, video production quality, and entertainment value.

How do I view competitors′ videos?

When viewing the bracket match-up, click on the competitor's name. It will open up a window where you can watch both competitor's videos within that round. Please view the screenshot here for reference.

How do I view the full 64-person bracket?

You can view the full 64-person bracket by clicking "View Full Bracket". Please view screenshot here for reference.

What do I do if I win the tournament? How do I claim my prize?

We will reach out to your registered e-mail within 14 days of the season's end. Please email if you have not heard from us within that timeframe.

What if I don′t get chosen as a finalist?

Go back to the lab and level up in preparation for the next competition. We're working hard to allow ALL entries to compete in future seasons to ensure you can make it in!


How do I submit my entry video?

Please use this form to submit your video entry. You must have a account prior to filling out the video entry form. Review all video rules and guidelines to ensure your video is eligible.

What song(s) do I need to use for my video?

You must choose from 1 of 26 of our designated tracks.