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Here, you’ll be able to find different ways of immersing yourself in the world of gloving!

Whether you simply want to meet up with glovers near you for weekly flow sessions, learn the art from some of the best in the scene, or put yourself to the test by competing in our online & in-person competitions for cash prizes, you’ll find that there’s a lot within the gloving world to involve yourself with.

What is Gloving?

Gloving is a futuristic, underground art inspiring artists to create modern LED light shows with their hands. Glovers use LED glove lights to create mind-blowing performances to the tune of their favorite music and to battle head-to-head with other glovers in competitions across the world.

Gloving dates back to 2006, starting primarily as an art performed at music festivals. It has evolved over the past decade beyond that, with a rapid growth of gloving communities all around the globe and tens-of-thousands of glovers interacting with each other online on a daily basis.

It has now been widely recognized as a performance art and has been featured in popular media outlets such as BuzzFeed, Vice, BBC, Rolling Stone, HBO, and Shark Tank. The gloving community is constantly growing and connecting in new ways every day, and is always welcoming to anyone who wants to join in on the fun.