The Gloving Awards are special accolades given out to the few who have shined above the rest throughout the year. Whether it’s through their skill, accomplishments, or community efforts, these artists deserve to have their names cemented in history for all that they do for gloving.

2019 Awards


    Whether he’s helping to organize competitions, providing highly in-depth analysis of others’ videos or producing high-quality videos, Puppet does it all with the gloving community at heart. Expect to see him growing the gloving scene even more in 2020.

    See Puppet’s Lightshow

    White Mage

    White Mage took 2019 by the horns and became an essential member of her local community. So far, she’s already proven herself to be a talented artist and a dedicated worker when it comes to helping and promoting her local community’s events. Keep an eye out for her in 2020!

    See White Mage’s Lightshow


    L O N G burst into the spotlight during Lights On! Season 1, showing the gloving scene a more dance-oriented and choreographed style in gloving. His skills have only improved with time and in 2019 he displayed an even higher understanding of musicality and showmanship.

    See L O N G’s Lightshow


    Between running in-person competitions, meet-ups, workshops and supporting others online, Nova always does it with a smile. And of course, he blew everyone’s minds this year by showing us his highly unique and innovative lightshow with black gloves & diffraction glasses.

    See Nova’s Lightshow


    There’s no one as dedicated to competing in gloving as Trump. Traveling across the country, he has competed in 7 competitions so far and is already planning for many more in 2020.

    See Trump’s Lightshow


    Since the very first season of our online gloving competition, Lights On!, Mez has been one of our top competitors. In 2019, he managed to shine above the rest and took home 1st place in Lights On! Season 5 which featured 320 competitors from all around the globe.

    See Mez’s Lightshow

    No Name

    “No Name” really showed up in 2019 by attending and winning numerous in-person competitions. With 10 members having competed all year, it’s clear that they are hungry to win whenever they can.

    Infinite Movement

    What can be said about this dominant Hawaiian team? With 13 members competing in 2019 alone and having consistent top placements within Lights On!, “Infinite Movement” has easily shown why they’re the cream of the crop.