•How can I compete in BoSS?

To compete in BoSS, first you’ll need to have an account on

From there you can sign in and purchase tickets for your local BoSS on the event page.

Competitor tickets are very limited and will sell out, so get them as soon as you can! There will be NO tickets sold at the door.

•Are there prizes?

The IGL provides prizes for the Top 2 Glovers of each BoSS.

1st Place: $100 EmazingLights Gift Card

2nd Place: $50 EmazingLights Gift Card

*Note: Tournament Organizers are free to incorporate their own prizes in addition to the prizes the IGL provides*

•How can I claim my prize if I win?

Before prizes are given out the Tournament Organizer must submit the scorecards from the competition. The IGL then reviews all the scores & data, then rankings can be officialized and publicized.

This process can take anywhere from 14 – 21 days. The IGL will then reach out to the email on your account when prizes are sent out. If you have not heard from us in that timeframe please email Brandon, (, (Manager of BoSS).

•How can my team compete in BoSS?

Ensure that your team is registered and added to the official IGL Gloving Teams roster. From there, your team members can register to compete in any of the upcoming BoSS events. The more team members that compete in any IGL competition, the more points your team will earn to raise your IGL Team Ranking.

•Where can I find more in-depth information on BoSS?

For more information please view the Official BoSS Handbook.


•How does BoSS run?

Glovers face off in 3 Qualifying Swiss-Style Rounds while performing light shows that are then scored on the Official IGL Scorecard.

The Top 8 Glovers with the highest overall scores from all 3 rounds then advance to the finals.

Those Top 8 Glovers then compete in a single elimination bracket until one final champion is crowned.

•How long is each round?

Swiss-Style: 1:30 minutes

Single Elimination: 1:30 minutes until Grand Finals

Grand Finals (Top 2): 2:00 minutes

•How are the lightshows scored?

Lightshows are scored per the Official IGL Scorecard and Official IGL Scorecard Guide.

•There’s no BoSS in my region. How do I get a BoSS in my region?

If you’re interested in having a BoSS, you or your local community leaders can contact us regarding running a BoSS in your region. Click here to let us know that you want to run a BoSS

•What does it take to run a BoSS?

You can read up on all the details of running a BoSS with our Official BoSS Handbook.


•How do individual rankings work?

Competitors are ranked within the IGL Rankings, which are calculated based on the amount of match-ups a competitor has been in, their overall win/loss record, which competition they competed in, and their scorecard points.

•How do team rankings work?

Team rankings include the teams that have been registered through the IGL and the team members who participate within the IGL competitions to acquire points to contribute to their team’s rankings.

•What is the IGL Index Score?

The IGL Index Score is a number that takes into account a competitor’s win/loss record, and weighs that appropriately depending on what bracket types they’ve participated in within the IGL. (For example, a competitor who goes 6-0 in a PRO bracket of Lights On! will achieve a higher IGL Index Score than a competitor who went 6-0 in a CHALLENGER bracket.)

•When will rankings be updated after the competition is over?

Each Tournament Organizer has 5 days after the competition date to submit all the required scores/data. After the scores/data are submitted, it is reviewed for accuracy and officialized, then the rankings can be updated within 14 days after data is submitted.