Lights on online gloving competition faqs



•Can I enter more than one bracket?

No. You are only allowed to enter 1 of the 3 bracket types, so choose wisely as you make your decision between the “Pro” “Challenger” and “Novice” bracket!

•What is the difference between the “Pro” “Challenger” and “Novice” bracket?

Brackets are broken down by skill level and you’re free to apply to whichever bracket you feel best fits your skill. **The IGL Staff reserves the right to move you to a different bracket if they deem necessary.**

The “Pro” bracket is where the big bucks are! This bracket will test your skills across the most elite glovers from around the world. Placements for this bracket are reserved for IGL ranked glovers, with the highest ranked glovers receiving priority. If any spots are left available, unranked glovers will be added in on a first come first serve basis.

The “Challenger” bracket is the road to glory! This bracket is intended for skilled glovers who are either trying to rank up to get into the Pro Bracket or for those who feel they aren’t quite ready to compete with the Pros.

The “Novice” bracket is for Novices, simple as that! This bracket is intended for newer glovers and those looking to get their hands wet in the world of competitive gloving! If you’re already a skilled and competent glover, this bracket is NOT for you!

•What are the prizes for each bracket?

“Pro” Bracket: 1st Place: $1,500, 2nd Place: $500, 3rd/4th Place: $250

“Challenger” Bracket: 1st Place: $500, 2nd Place: $350, 3rd/4th Place: $75

“Novice” Bracket: 1st Place: $100, 2nd Place: $50, 3rd/4th Place: $25

•How are the finalists per bracket chosen?

The Pro Bracket is chosen based on IGL rank. The highest ranked IGL Glovers who apply for the pro bracket will receive priority placement in the Pro Bracket.

Competitors are free to choose between competing in the Challenger or Novice bracket depending on their skill level and comfortability. The IGL Staff reserves the right to move competitors to other brackets if spots are filled or if they otherwise deem it necessary.

•What do I do if I win the tournament? How do I claim my prize?

We will reach out to your registered e-mail within 14 days of the season’s end. Please email if you have not heard from us within that timeframe.

•How can my team compete in Lights On! ?

Ensure that your team is registered and added to the official IGL Gloving Teams roster. From there, your team members can register to compete in Lights On!. The more team members that compete in any IGL competition, the more points your team will earn to raise your IGL Team Ranking.

•What if I don′t get chosen as a finalist?

Go back to the lab and level up in preparation for the next competition. We’re working hard to allow ALL entries to compete in future seasons to ensure you can make it in!


•How do I submit my entry video?

You can submit your entry video by filling out the application form. You must have a account in order to submit the form. Please review all video rules and guidelines to ensure your video is eligible.

•What song(s) do I need to use for my video?

You must choose from 1 of 120+ of our designated tracks.

•How are the lightshows scored?

Lightshows are scored per the Official IGL Scorecard and Official IGL Scorecard Guide.


•How do rankings work?

Competitors are ranked by their IGL Index Score, and then by total scorecard points. Rankings are calculated based on the amount of matchups a competitor has been in, their overall win/loss record, the bracket type they competed in, and their scorecard points.

•What is the IGL Index Score?

The IGL Index Score is a number that takes into account a competitor’s win/loss record, and weights that appropriately depending on what bracket types they’ve participated in within the IGL. (For example, a competitor who goes 6-0 in a PRO bracket of Lights On! will achieve a higher IGL Index Score than a competitor who went 6-0 in a CHALLENGER bracket.)

•How do team rankings work?

Team rankings are an aggregation of individual competitive stats of those who are representing a specific registered IGL team. In the event that a competitor switches teams between seasons, the previous competitive stats will still remain with their previous team and not carry over into the new team.