What is LIGHTS ON! about?

  • 1st Ever Sanctioned Online
    Gloving Competition

  • Glovers from all
    around the world

  • Thousands of
    dollars in cash!

The competition is aimed at exciting and electrifying the entire gloving community more than ever before by providing a larger purpose to the practice of the art/sport. There will be multiple tournaments throughout the year, and many opportunities for all artists in the community to enter!

Why You Should Enter

  • It’s FREE & EASY

    You’re already filming your own shows. Win some money and have some more fun while you’re at it!

  • Cash Prizes

    Over $7,500 across 16 brackets in Season 4. That’s 1,024 competitors overall!


    “Pro”, “Challenger” and “Novice” brackets allow glovers of all skill levels to compete fairly!

How It Works

  • Submit your video by 5/13/18 using one of the designated songs found below.

  • Finalists per bracket are reviewed, selected, and inputted into our online bracket system.

  • Our trusted panel of judges use the IGL Scorecard to determine who progresses through each round until there is only 1 glover left with their Lights On!

*Please review "Rules & Guidelines" to ensure your video is eligible to be considered.
**Factors for eligibility include, but are not limited to the IGL scorecard, video production quality, and entertainment value.

Video Rules & Guidelines

  • Submissions must be hosted on YouTube. Videos must be public, not unlisted or private!
  • The timestamp on your video submission shall not exceed 2:30.
  • You must use one of the designated tracks found below. You can use ANY seasons tracks!
  • All submissions must include the Lights On! intro video that corresponds to the current season (file found below) at the beginning of the video!
  • Format video title as follows: Glover Name - "Video Entry" | #LightsOnComp [Gloving.com]
  • You may only enter 1 of the 3 brackets, so choose wisely! To learn more about the brackets, click here.
  • 1 performer only. Competitor should be the primary focus of the show. Nobody else gloving in the video but you!
  • You may not edit your LIGHT SHOW meaning no cuts or transitions during your LIGHT SHOW. You may however add intro/outro effects.
  • The only things you can edit into your video are your registered IGL Glover Name and Team Name or Logo.
  • Keep it about the lights! No props, full face masks or utilization of your environment allowed. Just glove to the camera! Background lighting is ok.

*We have the right to DQ / ban anyone at any point during the tournament.
*Once your video is submitted, you are transferring ownership of your video entry to gloving.com