Tutorial: The Basics and Fundamentals of Fingerrolls

by: Puppet

So you want to get into gloving and want to follow a traditional way of progressing throughout this art form?

Step 1: Learn the Fingerroll

This is the most important move in all of gloving period. The Fingerroll is a tool that helps develop your understanding of your own hands. Not only does it allow you to work each finger continuously, but it is the glue that puts your lightshow together. It is a move commonly used for transitions and flow.

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The Lab #2 – LIVE THREAD

Announcing the latest sanctioned competition, Week #2 of The Lab hosted by Infinite, and sponsored by Stone Orbits & Glow LED’s.

Prize – $50 CASH + $50 Glow LED’s Credit + Points towards monthly drawing of Stone Orbits Duos + Charging Case.

Judged by PM Infinite , Ayo? Abstrakt and PLL Vex.

For more information and live results, see the forum topic.

Welcome to Gloving.com!

Welcome! You’re visiting Gloving.com. We’re a company-agnostic community, resource, and hub designed to provide a digital home for glovers. Gloving is a mesmerizing, intricate, and one-of-a-kind art that has seen more than its fair share of subjugation and even persecution by festival organizers, lawmakers, and society at large. If we can’t stick together through the … Read more