[GDO] Nightshadow – Mad Ting – Lightshow

Nightshadow is one of our most active members who always brings a positive vibe! Nightshadow’s lightshows bring the vibes too with a very unique style that utilizes some really cool clusters and thumb/pinky movements. Nightshadow keeps the flow engaging with aggressive transitioning, expansive use of space, and a diverse range of concepts to explore.

The Lab #2 – Finals and Rankings Update

The final results for The Lab Week Two will be released soon! In the meantime, I’d like to turn your attention to our official Glover Rankings. You’ll notice that we added G3 as well as the King of 1A Series results to the rankings. If you notice your name on the list and would like to change the spelling or update the profile link, please reach out to one of our admins via the forum or at help@gloving.com.


From his origins as a popular ‘TikTok glover’ to his rise within the niche gloving enthusiast scene, Zielzibub has continuously brought a positive energy with him which has endeared him to many. His lightshows are an embodiment of his personal energy, and this show from his Top 8 submission to the Lab Week 2, is no exception! We’re all watching Z’s continued level-ups with eagerness.

“Hilo blue” by Kino

Kino has an incredibly unique show with a fluidity and digit complexity that is touched by few. He seems to float effortlessly through the grid using his digit scales. In this lightshow, Kino takes us on a guided tour of this one-of-a-kind style, set to a chill beat.