[GDO] Nightshadow – Mad Ting – Lightshow

Nightshadow is one of our most active members who always brings a positive vibe! Nightshadow’s lightshows bring the vibes too with a very unique style that utilizes some really cool clusters and thumb/pinky movements. Nightshadow keeps the flow engaging with aggressive transitioning, expansive use of space, and a diverse range of concepts to explore.


From his origins as a popular ‘TikTok glover’ to his rise within the niche gloving enthusiast scene, Zielzibub has continuously brought a positive energy with him which has endeared him to many. His lightshows are an embodiment of his personal energy, and this show from his Top 8 submission to the Lab Week 2, is no exception! We’re all watching Z’s continued level-ups with eagerness.

“Hilo blue” by Kino

Kino has an incredibly unique show with a fluidity and digit complexity that is touched by few. He seems to float effortlessly through the grid using his digit scales. In this lightshow, Kino takes us on a guided tour of this one-of-a-kind style, set to a chill beat.


Posted by JET

I heard through the grapevine that there weren’t a lot of glovers at Electric Forest this year. While that’s disappointing to hear, I guess there were still glovers throwing down if you knew where to look. Check out this super dope show by Jest!