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I heard through the grapevine that there weren’t a lot of glovers at Electric Forest this year. While that’s disappointing to hear, I guess there were still glovers throwing down if you knew where to look. Check out this super dope show by Jest!

Tutorial: The Basics and Fundamentals of Fingerrolls

by: Puppet

So you want to get into gloving and want to follow a traditional way of progressing throughout this art form?

Step 1: Learn the Fingerroll

This is the most important move in all of gloving period. The Fingerroll is a tool that helps develop your understanding of your own hands. Not only does it allow you to work each finger continuously, but it is the glue that puts your lightshow together. It is a move commonly used for transitions and flow.

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I Am (Prod. Hopsin) | Lotus

A fingershow video by Lotus! She puts her use of space and musicality on display, as well as showing some impressive creature concepts. Catch it below.

My most recent recorded show 🙂

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The Lab #2 – LIVE THREAD

Announcing the latest sanctioned competition, Week #2 of The Lab hosted by Infinite, and sponsored by Stone Orbits & Glow LED’s.

Prize – $50 CASH + $50 Glow LED’s Credit + Points towards monthly drawing of Stone Orbits Duos + Charging Case.

Judged by PM Infinite , Ayo? Abstrakt and PLL Vex.

For more information and live results, see the forum topic.

I am You lightshow by Puppet

From time to time, our content team will post featured lightshows on our front page that we feel have earned the spotlight! We’re honored to share the lightshow below by world-renowned light artist, Puppet, who posted it in our videos forum yesterday. Enjoy!

“Here’s a video that I am very proud of that encompasses theatrics while still being technical!”

– Puppet